Dig where you stand is a curatorial project investigating spaces of potential between text, exhibition and the locale.

the fourth reading event will take place in

Bay Lough, The Vee

Thursday 25th July 2012, 1pm

Bay Lough, The Vee

On the occasion of our publication launch, we will gather on the shores of Bay Lough to exchange stories, poems and songs which relate to both the area and wider themes around Dig where you stand.

The artist Phillipa Sutherland will tell us the story of ‘Petticoat Loose’ and Bay Lough– which she uncovered while researching the exhibition Dig where you stand in the County Museum, Clonmel. Peter Brabazon will recite a poem he wrote inspired by the Knockmealdown Mountains. Other contributors will elucidate on the bottomless nature of Bay Lough and its geological formation.

To coincide with this event tea and biscuits will be served at the Dig where you stand exhibition in the County Museum at 3:30pm, following the Bay Lough walk.

Please join us at the car park above Bay Lough at 1pm. A simple picnic lunch will be available at the lake.

Directions: Driving from Clonmel to Bay Lough should take approximately half an hour. From Clonmel take the R665 in the direction of Ardfinnan. About 6km beyond Ardfinnan take a road to the left marked ‘The Vee’ (R668). This road will take you up into the Knockmealdown Mountains. After 6–7 km you will see Bay Lough on the right. Continue driving until you reach a large car park on the right hand side. This is where we will set-out for the lake from (the walk takes about twenty minutes). You can find the car park on Google Maps.

Please register your interest by emailing the team at digwhereyoustand@gmail.com.